Redefining stereotypes by showcasing positive Black and Ethnic Minorities contributions, and empowering and inspiring the next generation.


Jay K Richards

I am…a lover of people, obsessed with leaving the world better than before I arrived….

Who are you?

I am a lover of people, obsessed with leaving the world better than before I arrived.

What is your present role?

I am Founder of DivInc, we help brands collaborate with Gen Z for brutally honest insights on product, branding or marketing.

No more guessing, we crowdsource the best talent from our pool of over 200,000 Gen Z to help brands to build all of the above with Gen Z in the room!

Tell us about your life journey so far. What has brought you to your current role?

I am the 5th of 6 children from migrant parents. From getting involved in robbery while at school to now the Founder of DivInc and a Forbes 30under30 entrepreneur, I credit my Business Studies teacher at school for guiding my sense of entrepreneurship in the right direction at the right time and now I aim to help other young people to get a head start by providing them with the right opportunities.

In your field of work, what has been your observation and/or experience of white privilege, discrimination and prejudices?

I’ve experienced white privilege when white colleagues were surprised by the fact that I had a degree, that I ran my own business or they made comments about black culture in a derogatory manner but passed it off as a joke.

What do you know now that you wish you had known when you were younger?

That being black was my superpower and not a weakness I needed to overcome or hide.

What song, quote, statement or image do you find most encouraging?

The story of O.J by Jay Z

How are you redefining a stereotype?

A young black male entrepreneur.

What advice or top tip would you give to the next generation of BAME individuals?

Screw everyone, go make it happen. Be unapologetically who you are.


Twitter: @JayKRichards

Instagram: @JayKRichards