Redefining stereotypes by showcasing positive Black and Ethnic Minorities contributions, and empowering and inspiring the next generation.


I’d like to share my joy about being a part of this amazing project. The project and the person behind it is extremely inspiring. Breaking so many barriers and I’m glad to experience the journey. On the day of the shoot everything was coordinated with great professionalism. I look forward to working with the team again in the future.

It was a really excellent afternoon for me on many levels. I had fun and learnt about myself and others. Cannot wait to support you with the next one. 

Ahh amazing! Great campaign. Very inspirational. Onwards and upwards!



Such a brilliant day! Such an amazing idea! Such inspiring people! Thank you for involving me. You are a legend!


You all deserve so much credit! Well done guys 



I AM HERE WE SEE YOU photo shoot done! Superbly organised by the wonderful Nadine. Was definitely out of my comfort zone but made to feel welcome and at ease. Thanks to you and your team! Let’s break those stereotypes.